You Get What You Focus On

In this episode:

00:28 – So what are you focusing on?
00:34 – Are you thinking about all the interesting and exciting elements?
00:46 – Quote from James Allan
00:56 – Check in with your thoughts and what your focusing on.
1:00 – And remember, we get what we focus on.

Hi I’m Lisa Cutler from The Butterfly Program and welcome to this Monday Motivator session on ‘You get what you focus on‘.

You get what you focus onAnd it’s true! We do. We get what we focus on. So what are you focusing on? Are you focusing your thoughts on what you want? or what you don’t want? Are you thinking about all the interesting and exciting elements that you want on your next job role? Or are you more concerned with all of the things that you want to avoid on your next position?

As per the quote from James Allan: “You are today where your thoughts have brought you. And you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.

So, check in with your thoughts and what your focusing on. And remember, we get what we focus on.


  1. Pauline walker says

    Hello gorgeous Lisa.. For the first time I have opened our newsletter to read fully .. LOVE IT xx well done .. Why I have not opened it before I don’t know .. Other than just don’t have enough time to read and indulge myself in looking after me .. There is so much change in my world currently that feels truly beautiful connected and magical . I am feeling a different woman.. I am ready to really start taking care if myself properly again . Thanks Lisa for being there by my side as my personal living spirit guide . You continue to inspire me so much .. I am booking to come to your secrets of success seminar for leaders . I am so ready for the continued journey ….love your Monday motivators .. Great idea .. You present and speak so beautifully ..
    Can we catch up for a cuppa on the 17th June at about 11.30 am ?

    Keep up the awesome work ..
    Ps want to talk about Butterfly Program and how I might be able to be involved (-:

    PK xxxxx

    • Lisa Cutler says

      Hi Pauline, great to hear from you and thank you for your lovely comments. I’m so glad to hear that you’re making time for yourself – you are so very important! If we don’t make time for ourselves we’re not recharging our batteries. You have so much valuable work ahead too!
      Yes to June 17th. I’ll drop you an email.
      Look forward to seeing you on Secrets of Success!
      Lisa x

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