Turning Overwhelm into Creativity

Using one simple question to step back, calm down and turn overwhelm into increased creativity and productivity.

Life recently has been full on family time for me. We’ve had the school concert, other end-of-year events, birthday parties and play dates, plus of course the regular sporting classes of cricket, gymnastics and karate. Usually all of this would be shared pretty much equally with my husband but as he’s had a busy time at work this has been my domain.
After my initial mini hyper-ventilations of worrying how I was going to manage all of this in conjunction with everything that needed to be done work-wise, I took a few deep breaths and calmed down. I got very realistic about how much I actually could manage and what my priorities were. A question that kept coming to mind was ‘What can honestly be put off for a couple of weeks and what can’t?’ That helped me get very clear about where my priority needed to be and I threw myself into family time and did only what was absolutely and totally necessary with work.

The results have been amazing!

It’s not often I can let go of work, it’s always bubbling away in my head somewhere. I can’t attribute this to the responsibility of running my own business, I know I was exactly the same as an employee in someone else’s business. However, the result of letting go for a while and totally shifting focus to family has been wonderful. I’ve returned back to my work space with a fresh head and a flood of new, free-flowing ideas and inspirations. I was so busy in work beforehand that at times I felt like a scared rabbit in the headlights, not knowing which way to turn and totally paralysed by the sheer truck-load of work heading right towards me.

Now, after letting go for a while and focusing on family, friends and fun, the truck has gone. I feel freer, clearer more productive and more balanced.

What questions have helped you to get work-life balance back in order?

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  1. Dear Lisa,
    Your story sounds so damn familiar it’s scary.i write a to do list daily but number according to importance & I appear to get though most tasks. Also I read recently do what’s important not what’s urgent. Take that time out regularly every day & enjoy whatever it is you are doing. A recent work injury stopped me in my tracks for a week
    (Which Absolutely briused the ego badly at the time but lucky for me it was just a oppotunity for me to reasse and recharge to came back bigger better braver )

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