The Consciously Competent Cycle

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00:24 – What is the Consciously Competent Cycle?
00:46 – Stage 1 – Unconsciously Incompetent
01:18 – Stage 2 – Consciously Incompetent
01:33 – Stage 3 – Consciously Competent
01:52 – Stage 4 – Unconsciously Competent

Hi I’m Lisa Cutler from The Butterfly Program and welcome to this Monday Motivator on The Consciously Competent Cycle.

Now the consciously competent cycle is a cycle that we go through with any new skill that we’re learning. So whether we’re young babies learning to walk and to talk, or whether it’s today learning a new project management methodology or learning to speak a new language – we go through 4 different stages of developing a new skill.

Balancing-GirlWe start out with stage 1 – being “Unconsciously Incompetent”. So this is where we are unaware of exactly what is involved in the new skill. So let’s have a look at the classic example of learning to drive a car.

When we’re young, we don’t know how to drive a car. We might be in the car being driven by our parents and we’re blissfully unaware of everything that’s involved in being able to drive that car. And at that stage, we are unconsciously incompetent.

Then we get to the age where we want to learn to drive ourselves. And that’s when we become “Consciously Incompetent”. All of a sudden, we realize how much there is to know about driving a car and how little we actually know about it.

Then we move into our third stage, and the third stage is when we become “Consciously Competent”. So we have lots of practice, we start to learn what it is we need to do, and we think about it. We are very deliberate and cautious in what we do and that’s when we’re “Consciously Competent”.

Then quite often, without even thinking about it, we move into being “Unconsciously Competent”. And when we are unconsciously competent we’ve really mastered the skill. We’re not really thinking about it anymore. So we get in the car, we start the engine, we take off, and before you know it we’re doing it without even thinking about it.

So a couple of things to think about with regards to this.
First of all, what skills have you mastered? What have you become unconsciously competent at?

Just take a moment to reflect on this and acknowledge your achievement what it is that you have mastered.

The second thing to think about is what skills are you developing or learning now and where on this scale of “Consciously Competent” are you with those?

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