Alana Philips, Alana Philips Photography

For the first time ever I’ve been able to set clear and achievable goals – and I’m already on my way to achieving them! I also have a better understanding of the way I communicate both with myself and others, and I’m already using many of the practical tips with great success. This program is […]

Kate Wells, ANZ Merchant Services

Lisa’s Program has proven to be something that was missing from my personal & career development. It has significantly improved my outlook on work, life & inner peace. The most amazing thing is that I am being asked by colleagues & friends what has happened to cause the change in me, which I think is […]

Michelle Swales, ANZ Merchant Services

I found Lisa’s Program extremely worthwhile. It has helped me to work out my future career path and detail the steps I need to take to get there. The program has also helped me work on some specific areas of my professional skills which I needed to develop.

Lisa Cramp

I now believe in myself and know that anything is possible. I can and will continue to achieve anything that I put my mind to and the only person standing in my way is me. I think about and use tools from the workshop weekly and now truly believe the power within can and will […]

Jenn Mendoza, ANZ Merchant Services

The program has been really great and the one-on-one coaching assists and compliments the program well. I like the coaching sessions as they make me accountable for the actions I need to take. I have seen a big difference already in my personal and work life since I started a few weeks ago! Thanks Lisa […]

Katrina Hellriegel, ANZ

Lisa’s Program is an excellent one which I would recommend for all women, whether in the professional context or personally. Lisa provides practical and personal learning and teaching in a way that is meaningful. Thoroughly enjoyable with many techniques that I will apply.  

Hope Morrison, ANZ

I can’t speak highly enough of Lisa’s program. It has given me simple, practical tools to help me gain focus and feel in control of all aspects of my life. It is exciting and motivating to see the small steps I took in the workshops transform into bigger changes in my life. Thank You Lisa!

Sheena Daniel, ANZ Customer Experience

Lisa’s Program has given me a set of helpful tools that I will always use in both my personal and professional life. I highly recommend this course for all professional women, who will see everything from a new perspective.

Melissa Currie, ANZ Merchant Services,

I would highly recommend Lisa’s Program to all the women I know. From this program, combined with the 1:1 coaching sessions, I have realised the self-limiting beliefs that have been holding me back from achieving my dreams. I now feel that anything is possible. Thank you Lisa!

Julie Jackson, sidedoor creative studio

Lisa’s Program allows you, and encourages you, to become more consciously aware of who you are and identifying your goals and teaching you how to achieve them. An excellent program for personal growth and development.