Are you struggling to return to work after the long weekend?

5 Top Tips to get motivated at work this week.

1. Focus on getting your teeth stuck into one particular task.

This may be a task that’s been on your to-do list for a while, or it may just recently have come across your desk. Take a few minutes to think about the end result, the outcome you want for this piece of work, and plan out how you will achieve it. Then put the time aside to focus on this, preferably starting straight away. Put your head down and get stuck in. Shifting your focus onto a specific task will take it away from the distracting and destructive thoughts of not wanting to be back and work. Plus your sense of satisfaction for achieving this will be well worth the effort and a great way to return from the holiday.

2. Revisit your goals or KPIs.

Search out that KPI document you only ever look at prior to your half-yearly performance review and do a stock take of where you are, where you need to be and what it’s going to take to get there. This could be the perfect time to plan your next few weeks and months, to make sure you hit all of your targets and even over-achieve with flying colours. Make a list of your ‘Rocks’ – your main priorities,  the assignments or functions that will have the most impact and reap the greatest rewards. Schedule dedicated time to focus on each of these and set some key indicator milestones in your calendar to track your progress.

3. Organise something fun to do with your colleagues at work.

Quite often one of the most important and fun aspects of work is the people. If this is the case for you then use this to your full advantage and organise something fun to do together.  It may be as simple as a morning tea or lunch, or, if you’ve had enough of eating over these past few Easter days then organise a lunchtime walk break around the block. As we’re heading into May there are heaps of opportunities to get friends and colleagues together for a great purpose, such as The Biggest Morning Tea for the Cancer Council of Australia, the Mothers Day Classic for the National Breast Cancer Foundation or the Million Paws Walk for the RSPCA.

4. Spend some time on your personal development.

In the words of Janet Jackson (almost!) – “What have you done for yourself lately?” Put some focus on you and your personal development. Think about one skill you want to foster, or one area you want to flourish in, something that really excites and motivates you. What do you need to do to progress this further? Putting focus on your personal growth and the bigger picture of your career path and direction will help with your engagement and positivity.

5. Book your next holiday!

If the struggle back to work is because you’ve had so much fun on your days away then book your next days off and plan to have just as much fun on them too! Give yourself something to look forward to. If the struggle back to work is because you really are unhappy then think about these words from Seth Goddin, American Author and Entrepreneur – “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”!

Here’s to your success and happiness – and an enjoyable return to work!!


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