Why is Self-Promotion Such a Challenge for Women?

One of the biggest challenges I see women dealing with in business is the struggle of self promotion – to promote one’s own interests and profile to advance in rank or position.

The mere thought of self promotion evokes images of arrogance, smarminess and insincerity.

Women generally shy away from self-promotion for a number of reasons, both conscious and unconscious.

Consciously most women hate putting themselves out there and blowing their own trumpets. It feels uncomfortable and contrived and requires time and energy that can be better spent on getting more important things done. The only time most women put any focus on their unique value and future potential is when they have to write their resume or prepare for an interview, two other detested tasks and close cousins of self promotion.

Unconsciously we are up against some pretty big obstacles. Our primal nature is to stay safe and belong and putting ourselves out there is unsafe and risky. What if we’re not liked? What if we don’t live up to others’ expectations of us? What if we are rejected?

We also have the obstacle of unconscious stereotypes. The female stereotype is all about community, collaboration and nurturing. Diverting from this to be cocksure and self interested, once again put us in danger of being rejected by our tribe.

In today’s current working environment, where visibility is king and confidence is promoted before competence, self-promotion is critical to success. So, however uncomfortable and unnatural it may feel, learning the art of self promotion will help you get ahead in business. It doesn’t have to be hard and insincere, it can be authentic, subtle and painless.

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