Now is the time to ask yourself these 3 questions…

3 simple questions to set yourself up for success in the year ahead

Question 1. If there was just one thing you could achieve this year, what would it be?

We are capable of achieving amazing things, especially when we know exactly what it is we want to achieve.  The clearer we are on what a successful outcome looks like and feels like the greater the potential we have to bring it into reality. So what do you want to achieve in 2012? If there was just one thing you could successfully accomplish what would it be?

Question 2. What will achieving this give you?

One of the main reasons we give up on our goals is because we don’t have a big enough reason ‘Why’. Our Why is our motivation, our purpose, it’s what drives us to keep going regardless of the obstacles. If we have a big enough Why we can always figure out the How. Uncover and define all the reasons why you want to accomplish your goal and this will give you the motivation to succeed.

Question 3. What will you do to make this happen?

Now we are ready for action! As we become clear on what we want and why, the How will begin to materialise. An overseas trip or a new car may necessitate a monthly savings plan. Acquiring a promotion may call for a step-up in networking or involvement in a new task or project. Learning a new language or taking up a new hobby will require dedicated time from your weekly schedule. What are all the steps you need to take to bring your goal into reality?

Take the time to answer these 3 questions and prepare to achieve amazing results in the year ahead.

Wishing you a very healthy, happy and successful 2012!

Lisa Cutler.

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