Is your self-talk sabotaging your success?

A simple 3-step process to help you change your negative self-talk and set yourself up for a greater level of success.


Self-talk is the internal voice in our heads that reflects how we perceive every situation. It is part of our thought process and a powerful influence on our ability to be successful.

Are you letting your self-talk sabotage your career?

Are you allowing your internal chatter to discourage you from asking the question you want to, or put forward the opinion you have? Are you talking yourself out of a presentation, asking for a pay rise or applying for a promotion?

When our self-talk is full of doubt and disbelief we take the focus away from what is possible. When we are telling ourselves what we can’t do, we are failing to see what we may be capable of. When our self-talk is harsh and critical we will crush our true potential without constructively helping ourselves move forward. When we are constantly criticising ourselves for what we haven’t done we are not allowing ourselves to commemorate what we have accomplished.

So instead of convincing yourself that you can’t do that presentation, that job role, or that task, refocus on how the experience, skills and attitude you do have can assist you in achieving what you want to. Instead of beating yourself up for not getting something right refocus your self-talk on how you will succeed with flying colours next time.
A simple 3-step process to help you change your negative self-talk and set yourself up for a greater level of success:


Reflect – Be mindful of what you are telling yourself and the impact this is having on your ability to be successful.
Refocus – Change your negative inner-babble to language that is kind, nurturing, constructive and positive. Refocus to the direction of positive outcomes.
Repeat – Once you have refocused to more constructive and encouraging self-talk repeat these thoughts to yourself to build confidence and focus on moving forwards.

As per the saying from Vincent van Gogh – “If you hear a voice within you saying, ”You are not a painter,” then by all means paint… and that voice will be silenced.”

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