How to be confident, capable and motivated – in any situation

3 steps to help you get the best out of any situation you find yourself in

Butterfly Program - How to be confidentHow would you like to feel confident, capable and motivated to handle any situation, whether it’s presenting to a large group, handling a tricky customer or closing that enormous sales opportunity? How much more successful will you be in your endeavours if you feel assertive, self-assured and ready to take action?

Here are 3 A-B-C steps you can take to achieve just that.

Step 1 – What do you want to Achieve?

Get very clear on your ideal outcome. Understand the purpose of what you are doing and the results you want to achieve. While this may sound obvious it is surprising how easily we can be distracted from the outcome. Often we are too busy to even think about our intentions, or we are focused instead on what we don’t want – and we always get what we focus on, even if it’s what we don’t want! So with every meeting you attend, know the purpose of the meeting and what you want to achieve from it. With every gym visit or exercise regime, know why you are there and what you want to accomplish.

Step 2 – Who do you need to BE?

Different situations require different approaches. Who do you need to be to get the best out of the current moment? If you are presenting to a large group you may wish to be clear, confident and knowledgeable. If you are handling a tricky customer you may need to be attentive, flexible and calm. If you are going for a run you may choose to be determined, disciplined and powerful. Our actions align with our thoughts, so set the direction of your actions by constructing positive thoughts.

Step 3 – What Capabilities can you use?

The third step is to identify the skills and resources you possess that will help drive the outcome you desire. What attributes and experience do you have? If time allows, what preparation can you do? What external resources can you bring in? If you’re preparing for a performance review or negotiation you probably have time to research and gather information, talk to relevant contacts and plan your meeting. If however, you’re on the spot with an irate customer or challenging staff issue you need switch focus quickly to skills and experience that will serve you well.

One final note – Trust.

Trust in yourself and trust in your abilities to handle whatever comes your way.

To your success, in all aspects of your life.

Lisa Cutler.

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