Women Innovators – How Need Is Driving App Development

As phones become ‘smarter’, there is an increasing market for specialised apps. With 1.2 million apps listed in Apple’s iTunes app store, and 1.3 million in Android’s Google Play store, the market is certainly very crowded. But here are some Australian women made their apps regardless – listed them, and won accolades along the way.

Making Stopovers Interesting – Amber Blumanis

23-year old marketing graduate Amber Blumanis decided during another boring airport stopover, that there should be an app to connect like-minded individuals during such stopovers. She made one – The Stopover App – that lets users create a profile and connect with individuals having similar interests.

The app allows you to see people nearby with similar interests, send messages, and meet up – for coffee, social or business networking, or even a date. The app won Blumanis a Rising Star award at the Talent Unleashed Awards, 2014.

Blumanis, who does not have IT expertise, used a freelancing website to find developers who could design the app for her. Teks Mobile Australia, Blumanis’ company, just opened an office in Australia, with plans to develop an Android version, and add different languages and more activities.

All About Fashion – Molly Taylor

Molly Taylor is the co-founder and Managing Director of Infinite Wardrobe – a mobile app that allows you to buy and sell clothes, exchange fashion ideas, show off your wardrobe, and get opinions about it. The best part of the app is that all buying and selling is absolutely free. The app, that was launched last October, won the Second Place in the 2014 OzApp Awards.

Code Heroes, a Brisbane-based mobile app consultancy, also managed by Molly Taylor, developed the app based also on inputs from the other co-founders – Brendt Sheen, Leigh Woodford and Portia Miller. The app, described as an ‘eBay for clothes without fees’ and as a ‘Pinterest with free trading’, is currently available in Australia and is planning to expand to other countries soon.

What began as a small Facebook page dedicated to trading clothes has now grown into an 8000-member community of fashion-conscious people and their wardrobe collections. The basic idea of the app is to create a worldwide fashion community without barriers where you can discuss fashion, connect with your peers, and the industry.

These women are part of an increasing number of successful female entrepreneurs who find the app market more open to multi-disciplinary skills. While women have traditionally been underrepresented in the technology sector, the examples of these women will hopefully inspire many more to give shape to their ideas.

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