Women in Leadership

Event Overview

Lisa Cutler

Women in Leadership

A highly successful personal and professional development course designed specifically for women, to assist with women’s empowerment, leadership skills and career success.


The Program

This Program consists of a series of workshops. These workshops are hands-on and practical, providing valuable relevant information and discussion. Participants work on tasks relating directly to their roles and responsibilities, in the sessions and following on from them. The program also works at a very personal level, creating greater self-awareness and self-belief.


The workshops are:

  1. You and Your Leadership Style – Understand more about you and how you operate; discover and develop your personal leadership brand and create inspiring visions for you and your people.
  2. Taking Action Now – Define your goals and action plans to achieve them; break through personal barriers and self-imposed limitations; discuss and work through the challenges you face in your role.
  3. The Art of Positive Communication – Talk to anyone, at any level, clearly and effectively; use powerful questioning techniques and learn flexible language skills.
  4. Finding and Maintaining Balance – Working through the practical elements of balance, prioritisation and time management, and the internal ones, personal energy and mindfulness.


There is also a foundational workshop you can come along to separately if you’re unsure if this is right for you:

Secrets of Success for Women in Leadership – This session introduces the concepts and foundations of the program and offers valuable tips and techniques on how to control thoughts, feelings and actions to produce better results. Click Here for Information and Dates



The workshops can be complimented with powerful One-on-One coaching sessions that further explore a participant’s own specific needs. These coaching sessions are held at the clients workplace.


There are no public Women in Leadership events currently scheduled for 2019.

We are however running our Women in Leadership and Empowerment Programs within businesses, so why not get a team of women together in your organisation and give us a call. We can tailor a program specifically for your requirements.

Lisa Cutler – 0432 566432 or Email lisa@cutlercoaching.com




About Lisa Cutler

Lisa Cutler is the Founder and Director of Cutler Coaching Pty Ltd and Founder of The Butterfly Program, a highly successful personal and professional development program for women. Lisa is a certified Coach and Practitioner of NLP, a certified Life Coach and Advanced Practitioner of Coach Mastery.