Embrace Your Inner Gremlin

Are you letting your inner negative voice ruin your life?

You don’t have to. And you don’t have to fight the negative thoughts, battling to replace them with positive ones.

Instead, say hello to your inner gremlin. Embrace it, listen to it, give it a hug and calm it down, after all, it’s only there because it has your best interests at heart.

We all have an inner gremlin that speaks of fear and failure, often providing us with running commentary on worst case scenarios. Our gremlin can prevent us taking the smallest of steps, like introducing ourselves to someone new or speaking up in a public forum, to the greatest leaps of our lives, like a complete career change or starting a business. Sometimes all that stands between us and our deepest desires is a few harsh words from our subconscious gremlin mind.

Perhaps you’d love to leave your job to start something new and exciting that fulfils your soul, but your gremlin is saying….. you won’t get the money you’re on now…. you have it so easy here, you know exactly what you’re doing….. you won’t get this flexibility anywhere else……..

Are these all possibilities? Sure they are. Will they happen? Highly unlikely.

While your gremlin is shouting and screaming and having a full-on tantrum at 2 o’clock in the morning, as you’re trying desperately to sleep, the freedom fighting, fun-loving parts of you are quietly and diligently planning exactly what you need from a new career. These characters are struggling to be heard above the constant whinging, moaning and doomsdaying of the protective gremlin. But, if you let them have a voice, even just for a moment, you’ll hear beautiful tones and lyrics of what might be. An exciting new adventure with a role that excites and challenges you, more money and flexibility than you thought possible and the opportunity to use your skills and abilities to make a real difference to people who need you and value what you have to offer.

But how can you listen to the positive voices when the gremlin is always taking centre stage?

Your gremlin is protecting you from spreading your wings and leaving your comfortable, self-created nest. Your gremlin doesn’t like change. Change is scary and unknown. Our innate human nature is to maintain our identity and fight against change so the people who love us will continue to love us, feed us and keep us safe.

Your gremlin will tell you everything that could possibly go wrong – you’ll end up in a job you hate, with people you don’t like, you won’t be able to do what’s asked of you and you’ll fail big time and look like an idiot.

Listen calmly to the doomsdaying, the fears and negativity, just for a moment or two. Appreciate where this is coming from and how your gremlin wants to protect you. Be grateful to your gremlin voice for its concern and compassion. Give it a mental hug, let it know you’ve heard it, let it know that all is OK now, you are safe, you are loved and you have never been more ready than right now to take on this new challenge.

As you calm the noisy gremlin, you can allow the other parts of you to have a voice. You may hear the rebel, the dreamer, the alchemist, the lover, the freedom fighter and the fun-loving adventurer. Their voices warming your heart and igniting your soul, daring you to dream and see the possibilities of what you can achieve.

You never know, your inner gremlin may even join the party!

Lisa Cutler

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