Do you have your time boundaries in place?

Another essential step for minimising stress and maximising work-life balance

In my last newsletter I shared with you the first of my three main techniques to stay stress-free and calm at all times – Keeping A Clear Mind – and I shared a number of practical ways to achieve this, such as breathing, meditation, journaling and movement.

I had some great feedback from people who have put this into action, or who were grateful of the reminder to reinstate some of these behaviours. Thank you for the feedback.

In this newsletter I’d like to share with you another technique to keeping work-life balance intact and stress out of the picture – Setting Your Time Boundaries.

Setting your time boundaries is about allocating time to the important aspects of your life, both personal and professional. Then protecting and respecting this time and being present to the task, person or people you have allocated it to.

One of the most challenging issues we face is coping with everything around us – work, emails, household chores, bills, administration, etc. and all while maintaining our relationships and spending quality time with our family and friends. The pressure of our workload and the inability to switch off from it can cause severe stress. Establishing time boundaries is a simple and effective technique to help manage your responsibilities and ease some of that pressure.

To implement your time boundaries, first identify your priorities. For example, you have an important piece of work to complete, it has been on your mind for some time and for whatever reason you haven’t done it yet. Allocate time specifically to this task. It may be 2 hours tomorrow or half a day later in the week. Protect this time from interruptions or hijackings, perhaps even find another desk or location to do it from. Then spend that time present to, and focused on, only the task at hand. No emails, no phone calls, no distractions.

As well as time boundaries for work, I also set time boundaries for family time. When I’m picking-up the kids my time boundary kicks in at 3.00pm when I enjoy a relaxing walk up to the school. Then for the next hour my time is dedicated to listening to stories and playing games as we all walk home together. I’m completely present, relaxed and I enjoy every minute! Having time boundaries in place helps you to switch off from the myriad of tasks and activities that surround you.

Boundaries The Butterfly Program3 Easy Steps to Set Effective Time Boundaries:

  • Identify your priorities – the people and tasks most important to you
  • Allocate time to these and protect and respect that allocation
  • Be present and focused during these periods

Putting time boundaries in place is an effective step to keeping your stress levels down, your work-life balance intact and finding peace and calm no matter what is happening around you.

To your success and happiness, in all aspects of your life.

Lisa Cutler.

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