Companies Of Choice For Women: Allianz

A question that has been debated ever since women entered the workforce is whether or not women really can “have it all”. Can women work, raise children, and live a happy and satisfied life? Most women will tell you, it depends a great deal upon who their employer is, and Allianz is one of the few companies in Australia that work with women to help provide that balance.

Winning the employer of Choice for Women (EOCFW) citation for the fifth time in a row (2009-2013), Allianz has rightfully claimed this highly esteemed award for a number of reasons.

What Women Want: Flexibility

Given that women are most often the caretakers of not only children but aging and ailing family members, it’s no surprise that flexibility is so highly valued. A recent 7,000 person American survey by Randstad showed that 36% of women considered flexibility a “must-have” in a potential employer. Flexibility would include options such as the:

* Ability to telecommute or work remotely either part-time or full-time

* Option to change a position’s start and end time (i.e. work 7 to 3 rather than 9 to 5)

* Opportunity to job share

* Option to extend maternity/paternity leave

* Option to take a leave of absence and return to work when needed

Recognising The Merit Of A Work-Life Balance

A large part of both job satisfaction and satisfaction in life is maintaining a healthy work-life balance that works for the employee. Allianz is helping its staff to achieve this through a number of options, such as:

* Flexible Work Options: Unlike many employers, Allianz strives to fit the job into someone’s life rather than turn the job into the employee’s life. With options such as role sharing and part-time work, telecommuting and flexible start and finish times, employees can make the job work for them rather than work for the job.

* A Different Approach To Maternity Leave: Women are able to enjoy up to 7 weeks of company paid maternity leave, as well as take 12 months maternity leave with the choice to extend it to 24 months (employees are able to purchase additional leave after this point). Allianz has also established a “Keep In Touch” program so that those employees who are on leave are kept “in the loop” about what’s happening in the company.

* A Variety Of Leaves And Benefits: Allianz offers a variety of different types of leaves and benefits to its employees, such as family and emergency leave, paternity and adoption leave, as well as the option to purchase additional leave. The company also provides child care referral services, an Employee Assistance Program, and tools and resources to help employees achieve work-life balance

Supporting Career Growth

Allianz is a company that understands the importance of creating a workplace where employees can thrive and grow. The company offers an array of career development opportunities for women, which includes workplace training programs, job placement opportunities, and job relief. The company also offers women accelerated development programs so that they can achieve their career aspirations faster.

The organisation has also been recognised as having a fantastic approach to both local and global diversity. In both policies and procedures, the company keeps a strong focus on diversity, such as developing senior women in management initiatives.

Benefiting Women And The Workplace

Offering job options that help employees achieve work-life balance has shown to increase employee engagement and motivation, which boosts productivity. But this isn’t the only benefit that companies like Allianz enjoy when offering such flexibility in the workplace. Job flexibility is also good from a branding standpoint. Such companies show that they care about and value their employees by providing these options.

Accommodating employees can also help in the recruitment and hiring process. As the job market continues to become more competitive, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies to score those talented individuals. Rather than, or in addition to, offering a higher salary, employee savvy companies use flexibility in the workplace as a way to “sell” their company to a much sought after job candidate.


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