The Businessman and Fisherman

In this episode: 00:23 – “Opening the Door of Your Heart and other Buddhist stories” 00:46 – “Hey why are you finishing so early?” 01:17 – “But if you stay out longer, you can catch more fish…” 02:16 – “But sir, what would I do with millions of dollars?” 03:07 – We can find contentment […]

Share Your Success

In this episode: 00:25 – What have you done today to share your success? 00:35 – One of the things that we are very good at doing as women is not sharing our success. 00:57 – “Yep I’m moving straight on to the next thing” 01:09 – Have a look at what has been your […]

Your Creation Treasure Box

In this episode: 00:24 – A collection of pictures and images and words, brochures, cut-outs, anything related to your goals, your aspirations, your dreams. 01:11 – Whatever it is for you, collect things for your creation treasure box. 01:19 – Things that inspire you and motivate you. 01:48 –  And maybe this is something that you can do with […]

Spicing up your relationship

In this episode: 00:25 – Do something special for a loved one 00:31 – We can get so caught up in the busyness and the routine of everyday life 00:42 – So why not send them a card 00:51 – Maybe it’s time for you to go out 01:54 – Do something special this week […]

Just getting things done

In this episode: 00:22 – we just need to take action and get things done 01:02 – you just have to go ahead and do it 01:05 – waiting for perfection can sometimes stop you in your tracks 01:25 – rather than wait for perfection, go ahead and submit them 01:54 – then get it […]

What Makes Us Truly Happy

In this episode: 00:28 – Things external to us only account to 10% of our level of happiness. 00:44 – For far greater level of happiness, we look inside ourselves. 00:54 – These things are our connection to others 01:08 – They are a far greater accountability of our happiness 01:31 – everything that you […]

Today is a once in a lifetime event

In this episode: 00:26 – Starting each new day is a significant event in your life. 00:40 – So starting the day with a positive intention.. 00:56 – “Life is a beautifully wrapped gift at the foot of your bed each day.” 01:12 – So what are you going to do with your day today? […]

Enjoying the Simple Pleasures in Life

In this episode: 00:25 – Sometimes we can get caught up in the everyday busyness of life. 00:38 – We can forget to enjoy and appreciate the simple pleasures in life. 00:54 – Take time everyday to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. 01:06 – immerse yourself in them. 1:11 – Life was meant to […]

You Get What You Focus On

In this episode: 00:28 – So what are you focusing on? 00:34 – Are you thinking about all the interesting and exciting elements? 00:46 – Quote from James Allan 00:56 – Check in with your thoughts and what your focusing on. 1:00 – And remember, we get what we focus on. Hi I’m Lisa Cutler […]