How the World of Work for Women is Changing for Women

And What You Need To Know. Have you noticed…

Women in Business Leadership – Gail Kelly to Retire

It would be interesting to know what Westpac Group’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director has planned for the next step in her career now that she’s handing over the reins of the banking group. For 11 years, Gail Kelly she has consistently been a trailblazer. First, for being the first woman to have led […]

Why is Self-Promotion Such a Challenge for Women?

One of the biggest challenges I see women dealing with in business is the struggle of self promotion – to promote one’s own interests and profile to advance in rank or position. The mere thought of self promotion evokes images of arrogance, smarminess and insincerity. Women generally shy away from self-promotion for a number of […]

Career Advice from Trench Digging

At the weekend I was out in the garden digging a trench. Not a trench that you could “get all your mates over and play in” as my son excitedly asked, just a shallow long trench to lay timber sleepers and divide off an area of garden. While digging my trench I couldn’t help but […]

Gabi Hollows, A Living Treasure

Australia has recognised 100 Living Treasures and Gabi Hollows AO is one of them. Many Australians recognise Gabi as the face of the Fred Hollows Foundation, a Foundation she helped to establish just one year before her husband, Fred Hollows, died. Gabi O’Sullivan grew up on an orchard on the Central Coast of New South […]

What 21 Males are doing for the advancement of women

The Business Council of Australia has called for the number of women in senior management roles to increase to 50 per cent in the next decade. The question is whether business has any answers to achieve this. Actually they do – an influential group of 21 men is championing the advancement of women, as the […]

Are You Afraid to Speak in Public?

Do you, like many others, dread the thought of having to stand up and speak in public? Jerry Seinfeld famously made fun of people being more afraid of public speaking than death. The good news is that a fear of public speaking is something that can be overcome with a few simple tips and some […]

Turning Overwhelm into Creativity

Using one simple question to step back, calm down and turn overwhelm into increased creativity and productivity. Life recently has been full on family time for me. We’ve had the school concert, other end-of-year events, birthday parties and play dates, plus of course the regular sporting classes of cricket, gymnastics and karate. Usually all of […]

Joyce Banda – Against The Odds

There was very little assistance for Joyce Banda on her career-path. In fact, there was a lot of opposition. Callista Mutharika, the ex-First Lady of Malawi, Africa, once scoffed at Joyce Banda’s political aspirations saying ‘how can a mandasi (fritters) seller be President?” No doubt, there was a lot of agreement in the political and […]

Mid-Year Check Point

3 Questions to check-in with what you’ve achieved already this year and what else you’d like to focus on.. Sit quietly for a few moments, preferably free from interruptions and mobile phones, and take some time to consider the following 3 questions: What have I accomplished so far this year? What else do I want […]