4 Ingredients Kim McCosker: From Rejection Slips to International Success

Kim McCosker wasn’t always the renowned cookbook author she is today. Born in Stanthorpe, Queensland, and raised in Munduberra, Kim obtained her Bachelors in Intentional Finance from Griffith University and then trained as a Financial Planner with MLC. She continued her pursuit of a career in the finance industry by earning her Diploma in Financial Planning from Deakin University.

With her years of education and experience, Kim quickly worked her way into the position of the Queensland State Manager of MLC Private Client Services.

To any outsider, it would appear as if Kim had it all. But the success she’d achieved left her unfulfilled. After 7 years in the finance industry, Kim made the decision to resign from her position and focus on raising her three young sons, Morgan, Hamilton, and Flynn. It was during this time that “4 Ingredients” was born.

An Idea Rejected By Everyone – Except Kim

After Kim completed her first “4 Ingredients” cookbook she decided to shop it around to publishing companies. Time and time again her book was rejected by major publishers for a variety of reasons:

* Kim and her former co-author, Rachel Bermingham, weren’t trained chefs;
* There weren’t any pictures in the book;
* It had a green cover (!).

The list of reasons went on and on. But Kim and Rachel took the rejection in stride and kept going. They were determined to turn their dream into a reality, and in the end decided that they would self-publish their book.

Kim and Rachel’s persistence quickly paid off.

In 2007, “4 Ingredients” became available in Australia and was an instant success. In that year alone the cookbook sold over 400,000 copies in Australia, coming only second in highest overall sales to J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. In 2008 the book eventually beat Harry Potter in sales, going on to become the highest selling book across all genres.

“4 Ingredients” Enjoys Continued Growth

The success of “4 Ingredients” has led to a number of other successes for Kim, including a global launch of the book as well as additional “4 Ingredients” books being published:

* “4 Ingredients 2”
* “4 Ingredients Gluten Free”, and
* “4 Ingredients Kids in Colour”

which have also been published in 6 different languages.

Two TV series based on the 4 Ingredients concept have been produced for the Lifestyle channel, a cookware range has been launched (4 Ingredients by Silverstone), and the brand even has an iPhone app that has had 35,000 downloads.

With growth this fast, it’s not surprising that Kim took home the “Outstanding Business Woman of the Year” in 2011 at the SCBWN Awards. And for Kim, this successful journey is all about giving back.

“I run a global business with a local focus, I believe in sharing success locally,” said Kim during her acceptance speech. “Of more than 4.5 million books published, all but 52,000 have been printed in Australia. It is a gift to do something you love, with people you love.”

The Success Of 4 Ingredients Is Anything But Extraordinary.

As many may look at Kim’s success as an extraordinary event, Kim believes that the success of her company is because of her own personal 4 ingredients: opportunity, passion, vision, and drive.

On receiving the SCBWN Award, she said “It is with my genuine passion and this award that, I will tell women here on the Sunshine Coast and beyond, ordinary women just like me, that opportunity abounds everywhere, that success is there for anyone that has the vision and the drive to embrace it”.

Today Kim continues to expand her “4 Ingredients” empire and holds the demanding role as the Australian Ambassador for both Citrus Australia and Gourmet Garden.


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