10 Ways To Boost Your Life and Career This Spring

Aligning with the natural gifts of Mother Earth to make the most of this spring.

We are having fabulous weather here in Melbourne, Australia at the moment – Spring is here! (I say that with my fingers crossed that we don’t dip back into a cold spell.)

This beautiful weather has me thinking about what spring represents and how we can align with the natural cycle of the seasons to make the most of this time of year.

Spring represents Rebirth, Renewal and Growth. It’s a time for flowers to “Spring” forth, hence where the name Spring came from, and for animals to shed their winter sloth and increase their activity. Spring is a time when our corner of the earth leans more towards the sun lengthening our daylight hours and warming the ground.

Here are 10 ways to get the best out of this wonderful spring season:

1. Increased Daylight – Get out and about and enjoy the sunshine. Go for a run or a bike ride before or after work. Take a walk at lunchtime to clear your head. The fresh air, deep breaths and increased circulation will not only make you feel better they will also increase your brain power.

2. Shedding – What do you need to get rid of? Bad eating habits that are impacting your health; Piles of paper in the corner waiting to be read; Clothes never worn collecting dust in your wardrobe; “Growth is a shedding process, not an adding process” – Lao Tzu.

3. Rebirth – A time for a fresh start, the beginning of something new and better. What does ‘better’ look like to you? What would be wonderful to bring into your life in the near future – a promotion, a new career, a new relationship?

Butterfly Program4. Planting the Seeds – In determining what it is you want to create or accomplish what seeds will you start planting to make this happen? Is it scheduling a career conversation with your manager, researching other opportunities in your organisation or market place, hiring a coach?

5. Nurturing – In the same way we need to water and fertilise our new seedlings we also need to nurture ourselves and our surroundings. Take advantage of the fresh fruit and vegetables of the season. Eating more natural foods gives us greater mental clarity, increased energy levels and stronger immune systems.

6. Increased activity – What actions can you take right now that you have previously been putting off? Make sure these actions are worth your time and effort and aligned to your goals and aspirations. If not perhaps they need to be part of the shedding process instead.

7. Colour – In the same way that flowers are bursting forth with beautiful colours this season, what talents and attributes have you been hiding away that are ready to shine out? As women we can be very shy about recognising our strengths and skills. Make this a time to identify and evolve at least one of your hidden talents.

8. Swelling streams – Spring is a time when snows melt and streams swell with the run off. What areas of your life are abundant and overflowing at the moment? Recognising and being grateful for what is good in our lives increases our level of happiness.

9. Warmth – As the sun is closer to the earth providing more sunshine to help the plants grow, think about where you can provide more warmth to help your relationships grow, both at work and at home. “A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.” – William Arthur Ward.

10. Be prepared – Spring weather can be any weather! Be ready for sunshine, rain, wind and possible snaps of cold. What do you have coming up in the next couple of months that you can better prepare for? What can you do right now to begin that preparation?

Spring is a season of activity and preparation. It is the perfect time to shed old patterns of inertia, plant new seeds of expectation and let shine the beautiful colours that lie within.

Enjoy everything this time of year has to offer and take this opportunity to lay excellent foundations for the seasons that follow.


Best wishes,


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