Did You Know? – Working Population Statistics for Australia.

Did you know that there are approximately 15 million people of working age (between 15 and 64 years) residing in Australia? This represents an increase of 16 per cent from June 2001 or, in concrete numbers, 2.04 million.

Over a 10 year period, the proportion of the total population between 15 and 64 years of age increased from 66.9 per cent to 67.3 per cent.

Territorial distribution

In terms of the distribution of the working age population, the Northern Territory had the highest number of working age people. However, the Northern Territory’s percentage of working age people, 72 per cent, was just barely ahead of the percentage in the Australian Capital Territory, which is at 71 per cent. For the lowest proportion, look to Tasmania, with 65 per cent.

What territories had the largest growth of people of working age in a 10 year span?

•             Queensland with an increase of 574,700 people.

•             Victoria with an increase of 531,200

•             New South Wales with an increase of 433,900 people.

 City distribution

Finally, the cities with the highest proportion of working age people were Sydney with 81 per cent, Brisbane with 78 per cent, and Melbourne with 77 per cent. The lowest proportions of working age people were located in the Mid North Coast, Southern Highlands and Shoalhaven, and Wide Bay.

Australia is certainly filled with a bustling working-age population, and it continues to grow as the immigrant population increases and as younger generations reach working age.


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