When are you resting your mind muscle?

When we want to strengthen a particular part of our body we work on that area and exercise the relevant muscles. That may be lifting weights, running or doing sit-ups. We’ll do a set number of repetitions or work for a certain period of time. Then we stop and rest our tired muscles.

But when do we rest our minds?

So many women I know, myself included, have minds that are constantly working out. Minds that whir all day with work tasks, new ideas, family needs, shopping lists, social activities, must-dos, must-not-dos and so it goes on… and on… even during the night.

Where is the rest for the tired mind muscle? Imagine if we worked our legs or our thighs in the same way!

Giving your mind a regular break, even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day, can lead to a happier, healthier you.

Woman-RelaxingResting your mind doesn’t mean reading, watching TV, being on the internet or phone. Resting your mind means doing nothing, stopping thinking, being present. Take a few moments to be still and listen to the sounds around you, feel the air on your skin and the ground under your feet. Become so calm that you can sense your heart beating in your chest and the life-force energy flowing through your body.

Just a few precious minutes and then you can hop back onto that constant whirring thought-treadmill knowing your mind is that little bit stronger and wiser for the rest you allowed it.

To your success and happiness,


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