What is Your Theme for the Year?

First of all Happy New Year and welcome to 2013!! What an exciting year this is going to be.


We have a tradition in our house to set a theme for every year and this year is no exception.

Having a theme for the year helps us to stay focused and committed to a particular topic, and it’s amazing what a little bit of focus and commitment can achieve.

Last year our theme for the year was HEALTH and as usual we started the year full pelt out of the starting blocks determined to make some powerful changes to improve our health. We signed up to a health and well being education program, changed our eating and shopping habits, increased our exercise regimes and a year later are enjoying all the benefits of a significantly more healthy lifestyle.

A theme acts as a guide throughout the year, it helps us to make decisions and become clear on exactly what we want, and it’s amazing what opportunities and possibilities open up to help you successfully accomplish your theme. You can create your own personal theme or decide on one together with your partner or family.

A couple of previous themes for our house have included The Year of FUN – a great year with every decision based on how much fun we would have! The Year of Fun was a welcome follow-on from The Year of GETTING THINGS DONE, which included renovations, getting married and starting a business. We certainly did get things done that year.

Oh, and our theme for 2013 is MONEY. Our aim is an increased awareness and understanding of our finances and a concrete plan for expenditure, savings and investments.

What’s your theme for 2013?


To your success and happiness in 2013,



  1. attitude of gratitude – 365 days of it!

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for the inspiration! I love the idea of a theme for our household. I’m definitely going to implement this in my family. I’ve started writing some lists for work and home and the idea of a theme is brilliant.



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