What do I really want — and what is my spirit telling me is the best way to proceed?

Many of us have heard of a “gut feeling” or “intuition.” It’s that sense of knowing something before it actually happens, but many of us cannot explain how or why we know. Sometimes it’s hard to discern what our “intuition” is and what isn’t.

Many individuals struggle with identifying what they want and how their intuition is telling them to proceed in order to achieve that goal.

Oprah Winfrey, for instance, has struggled with making this distinction and found herself overwhelmed with how much people admired her and wanted her help. When she took time to reflect on what her spirit was telling her, she came up with these ideas of how to tell what she wants and how her spirit is communicating that to her.

•     Doubt often means don’t. It is a sign to slow down, stay where you are, or even not to give an answer right at that moment. Sometimes doubt is our spirit’s way of telling us we need to relax or think a bit more carefully before we make a commitment or make a decision on something.

•     Wait for your intuition to tell you to continue. After listening to that feeling of not taking action just yet, it is important to relax and be still until your gut tells you that it is okay to proceed. Maybe you will feel a sense of ‘weight lifted’, or you will feel your instincts telling you an excited and resounding “yes!” Either way, wait for your spirit to signal when you should continue on your path.

According to Oprah, when you no longer feel uncertain, and instead feel absolutely positive about your path, that is your spirit telling you to go with the flow as you are doing the right thing.

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