Gender Smart

Gender Smart is about bringing to life all the incredible benefits that gender diversity has to offer, through the way men and women think and behave differently. By recognising, understanding and valuing these differences companies are more productive, more profitable and better places to work for everybody.

In Gender Smart you will find out:

  • why women appear less confident than men
  • why crucial feedback is often withheld
  • the number one reason talented women are leaving organisations
  • how to ensure the best ideas get put on the table
  • how to create more collaborative, productive, happier teams
  • and so much more.

The value of Gender Smarts is immense, the challenge is harnessing this opportunity and shifting male-female working relationships to get the best possible results. This is what we do through our Gender Smart Program.


To Book Gender Smarts for your business contact Lisa.


“Recently Lisa developed a Gender Smart Seminar for us, focusing on our IT Line managers and women, looking to move the dial on understanding each other and leveraging our collective strengths. This has been so well received, beyond my expectations. No doubt Lisa will continue to help progress our diversity objectives at Coles.”

– Jane Bird, Head of IT | Coles Project Services, Coles Liquor & Coles Express