Dealing with “FADMIN”

“Fadmin” – otherwise known as Family Admin – is all that paperwork that builds up on the kitchen table or sideboard. It’s the invitations, the unread Sunday newspaper magazines, the photos you’ve been given and don’t quite know where to put, the special offer through the letterbox that you want to explore further, and if you have school children it’s the endless information and permission slips that comes home from school.

Before you know it, there is a small paper mountain sitting on your table screaming for attention.

You know your Fadmin is out of control when there is no space left on the table and you start missing important dates. Or, like I did, you send your kids to school in school uniform because you missed the ‘casual dress day’ leaflet, and the 3 reminders that followed. It’s certainly one way to help build resilience and responsibility in your children!

Don’t let your Fadmin get out of control. Here ares 3 tips to manage it efficiently and effectively:

1. Deal with your Fadmin as soon as it arrives. Don’t add it to the pile, instead read it, action it, file it or throw it – straight away.

2. Know your common Fadmin items and where to put them, e.g. invites and notices for specific dates get attached to the calendar on the kitchen wall.

3. If your Fadmin pile has mounted up schedule the time to go through it and enjoy the process. Put on some music, pour a cup of tea or a glass of wine and take pleasure in getting organised and claiming back your kitchen table space.

The same 3 steps can also be applied to your email!

We’d love to hear any of your ideas and ways for dealing with Fadmin!


To your success and happiness,


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