You Get What You Focus On

In this episode: 00:28 – So what are you focusing on? 00:34 – Are you thinking about all the interesting and exciting elements? 00:46 – Quote from James Allan 00:56 – Check in with your thoughts and what your focusing on. 1:00 – And remember, we get what we focus on. Hi I’m Lisa Cutler […]

10 Minutes of Nothing

In this episode: 00:24 – When was the last time that you did absolutely nothing? 00:43 – But when do we rest our minds? 00:50 – I challenge you to do 10 minutes of nothing. 1:10 – Focus on your breathing. 1:15 – Give yourself 10 minutes of absolutely nothing. Hi I’m Lisa Cutler from […]

Being Who You Are is Enough

In this episode: 00:30 – Most people I know and meet are always willing to help others 00:44 – We want to be able to help fix it 00:51 – Sometimes we don’t know what to say or do 01:01 – Carl Jung: “It’s not what we know, it’s who we are that heals”. 01:18 […]

7 Billion Rule Books

In this episode: 00:26 – Life is a game 00:38 – When we come in to this world 00:46 – Where we get our own set of rules 01:16 – We need to appreciate differences 01:28 – Understanding and respecting Hi my name is Lisa Cutler from The Butterfly Program and welcome to this Monday […]

The Consciously Competent Cycle

In this episode: 00:24 – What is the Consciously Competent Cycle? 00:46 – Stage 1 – Unconsciously Incompetent 01:18 – Stage 2 – Consciously Incompetent 01:33 – Stage 3 – Consciously Competent 01:52 – Stage 4 – Unconsciously Competent Hi I’m Lisa Cutler from The Butterfly Program and welcome to this Monday Motivator on The […]

Bite Me

In this episode: 00:25 – Little T-shirts with little sharks 00:36 – What “Bite” stands for. 00:48 – What “Me” means. 01:05 – What mantras do you have?   Lisa Cutler: Hi, I’m Lisa Cutler from the Butterfly Program and today I want to tell you about “Bite Me”. When I first came to Australia, […]

The Feather, the Brick, and the Truck

The universe is constantly sending us messages to help us on our journey through life and to help make life easier for us. The idea of the feather, the brick and the truck is it’s the way in which the universe delivers some of these messages. In this episode: 00:43 – The Feather – the […]

Dealing with “FADMIN”

“Fadmin” – otherwise known as Family Admin – is all that paperwork that builds up on the kitchen table or sideboard. It’s the invitations, the unread Sunday newspaper magazines, the photos you’ve been given and don’t quite know where to put, the special offer through the letterbox that you want to explore further, and if you have […]

When are you resting your mind muscle?

When we want to strengthen a particular part of our body we work on that area and exercise the relevant muscles. That may be lifting weights, running or doing sit-ups. We’ll do a set number of repetitions or work for a certain period of time. Then we stop and rest our tired muscles. But when […]

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

One of my favourite things about being a parent is revisiting all my old beloved children’s books. In particular I used to love reading Enid Blyton and Dr. Seuss. When my children were born I couldn’t wait to introduce them to The Cat in The Hat and The Magic Faraway Tree. Dr. Seuss’ children’s books […]