The Businessman and Fisherman

In this episode: 00:23 – “Opening the Door of Your Heart and other Buddhist stories” 00:46 – “Hey why are you finishing so early?” 01:17 – “But if you stay out longer, you can catch more fish…” 02:16 – “But sir, what would I do with millions of dollars?” 03:07 – We can find contentment […]

Share Your Success

In this episode: 00:25 – What have you done today to share your success? 00:35 – One of the things that we are very good at doing as women is not sharing our success. 00:57 – “Yep I’m moving straight on to the next thing” 01:09 – Have a look at what has been your […]

Your Creation Treasure Box

In this episode: 00:24 – A collection of pictures and images and words, brochures, cut-outs, anything related to your goals, your aspirations, your dreams. 01:11 – Whatever it is for you, collect things for your creation treasure box. 01:19 – Things that inspire you and motivate you. 01:48 –  And maybe this is something that you can do with […]

Spicing up your relationship

In this episode: 00:25 – Do something special for a loved one 00:31 – We can get so caught up in the busyness and the routine of everyday life 00:42 – So why not send them a card 00:51 – Maybe it’s time for you to go out 01:54 – Do something special this week […]

When Information Overload is Wearing You Down

There’s a plethora of advice out there. Newspapers, magazines, books, billboards, web-sites – all intent on supplying advice on every subject from boardrooms to bankruptcy.  Why, there’s even an app for your phone that will tell you how to boil an egg! How do we navigate our way through this mass of information?  Who are […]

Just getting things done

In this episode: 00:22 – we just need to take action and get things done 01:02 – you just have to go ahead and do it 01:05 – waiting for perfection can sometimes stop you in your tracks 01:25 – rather than wait for perfection, go ahead and submit them 01:54 – then get it […]

What Makes Us Truly Happy

In this episode: 00:28 – Things external to us only account to 10% of our level of happiness. 00:44 – For far greater level of happiness, we look inside ourselves. 00:54 – These things are our connection to others 01:08 – They are a far greater accountability of our happiness 01:31 – everything that you […]

Today is a once in a lifetime event

In this episode: 00:26 – Starting each new day is a significant event in your life. 00:40 – So starting the day with a positive intention.. 00:56 – “Life is a beautifully wrapped gift at the foot of your bed each day.” 01:12 – So what are you going to do with your day today? […]

Mid-Year Check Point

3 Questions to check-in with what you’ve achieved already this year and what else you’d like to focus on.. Sit quietly for a few moments, preferably free from interruptions and mobile phones, and take some time to consider the following 3 questions: What have I accomplished so far this year? What else do I want […]

Enjoying the Simple Pleasures in Life

In this episode: 00:25 – Sometimes we can get caught up in the everyday busyness of life. 00:38 – We can forget to enjoy and appreciate the simple pleasures in life. 00:54 – Take time everyday to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. 01:06 – immerse yourself in them. 1:11 – Life was meant to […]