Bidda Jones – Scientist and Change Maker

Bidda Jones is a change maker. As Chief Scientist at the RSCPA, Bidda’s training in zoology and animal behaviour has been invaluable in adding insight and perspective to her work in promoting the Society’s objectives. In this role Bidda champions the rights of animals, and her work covers the full gamut of animal welfare issues […]

Gabi Hollows, A Living Treasure

Australia has recognised 100 Living Treasures and Gabi Hollows AO is one of them. Many Australians recognise Gabi as the face of the Fred Hollows Foundation, a Foundation she helped to establish just one year before her husband, Fred Hollows, died. Gabi O’Sullivan grew up on an orchard on the Central Coast of New South […]

Inspiring Women – Melinda Gates

Melinda French grew up without privilege or wealth. Her father Ray French worked as a space engineer. Her mother had never attended college and always wished she had.  But such was the family’s ethics that Melinda and her three siblings spent weekends maintaining their rental properties as a means of earning money for their College […]

Turning Overwhelm into Creativity

Using one simple question to step back, calm down and turn overwhelm into increased creativity and productivity. Life recently has been full on family time for me. We’ve had the school concert, other end-of-year events, birthday parties and play dates, plus of course the regular sporting classes of cricket, gymnastics and karate. Usually all of […]

Joyce Banda – Against The Odds

There was very little assistance for Joyce Banda on her career-path. In fact, there was a lot of opposition. Callista Mutharika, the ex-First Lady of Malawi, Africa, once scoffed at Joyce Banda’s political aspirations saying ‘how can a mandasi (fritters) seller be President?” No doubt, there was a lot of agreement in the political and […]

Your Creation Treasure Box

In this episode: 00:24 – A collection of pictures and images and words, brochures, cut-outs, anything related to your goals, your aspirations, your dreams. 01:11 – Whatever it is for you, collect things for your creation treasure box. 01:19 – Things that inspire you and motivate you. 01:48 –  And maybe this is something that you can do with […]

When Information Overload is Wearing You Down

There’s a plethora of advice out there. Newspapers, magazines, books, billboards, web-sites – all intent on supplying advice on every subject from boardrooms to bankruptcy.  Why, there’s even an app for your phone that will tell you how to boil an egg! How do we navigate our way through this mass of information?  Who are […]

Bite Me

In this episode: 00:25 – Little T-shirts with little sharks 00:36 – What “Bite” stands for. 00:48 – What “Me” means. 01:05 – What mantras do you have?   Lisa Cutler: Hi, I’m Lisa Cutler from the Butterfly Program and today I want to tell you about “Bite Me”. When I first came to Australia, […]

“You’ll never work, you’re not pretty enough, you’re not good enough”

That’s what Academy Award winning actress Sally Field was told when she decided she wanted to move out of television and into the movies. “I had done three television series before I was 25 years old and I had two children by then, and I said ‘I’m not doing television anymore. I have to stop.’ […]

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

One of my favourite things about being a parent is revisiting all my old beloved children’s books. In particular I used to love reading Enid Blyton and Dr. Seuss. When my children were born I couldn’t wait to introduce them to The Cat in The Hat and The Magic Faraway Tree. Dr. Seuss’ children’s books […]