Build Your Skills Faster With a 3-Pronged Approach

If you are looking to develop a new skill or build a new habit taking a 3-pronged approach will help you do this faster and better.

Our brain works by building neural networks from what we learn and experience. These networks are like pathways in the mind that may start out difficult to follow but can become so well-trodden we head down them without even thinking about it. The more knowledge and especially the more experience we feed into our brains, the greater the neural networks we create. The pathway then becomes effortless to follow.

Whatever the skill, habit, knowledge or capability you want to develop find 3 different ways of studying this.

Saturate yourself in what you want to become skilled at.


If you want to develop your leadership capability for example:

1. Take a leadership course

2. Search out a few books on leadership skills or inspiring leaders

3. Find a leader you admire in your organisation or social circle and learn from them


If you’re learning a new language:

1. Take lessons

2. Download audios to play in your car

3. Converse with someone who is already fluent in the language

Experience is always the best teacher so getting out there and putting your learning into practice is powerful and valuable, and worth overcoming any fear of doing so!

What valuable new skill, habit or capability will you commit to developing over the next 6 to 12 months? What 3 activities can you undertake to accomplish this faster and better?


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