Is your self-talk sabotaging your success?

A simple 3-step process to help you change your negative self-talk and set yourself up for a greater level of success. Self-talk is the internal voice in our heads that reflects how we perceive every situation. It is part of our thought process and a powerful influence on our ability to be successful. Are you […]

Your Hour of Power

An easy and effective way to boost your energy, maintain your balance and increase your personal power – every day. Taking an hour every day to do something for yourself that benefits you physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually will have an enormous impact on your health and well-being and on your personal and professional performance. […]

Keeping a clear mind

Essential steps for minimising stress and maximising work-life balance As we are travelling so fast through this year already I wanted to share with you some tools to keep your stress levels down, your work-life balance intact and to find peace and calm no matter what is happening around you. These tools are easy to […]

Love What You Do – It will change the world

The difference between loving what you do and just tolerating your job is phenomenal. Loving what you do makes you feel energised, motivated and enthusiastic. You’re more confident and capable. You care about your work and the people around you and you bring all your skills and strengths into play. Loving what you do has […]

Do you have your time boundaries in place?

Another essential step for minimising stress and maximising work-life balance In my last newsletter I shared with you the first of my three main techniques to stay stress-free and calm at all times – Keeping A Clear Mind – and I shared a number of practical ways to achieve this, such as breathing, meditation, journaling […]

How to be confident, capable and motivated – in any situation

3 steps to help you get the best out of any situation you find yourself in How would you like to feel confident, capable and motivated to handle any situation, whether it’s presenting to a large group, handling a tricky customer or closing that enormous sales opportunity? How much more successful will you be in […]

10 Ways To Boost Your Life and Career This Spring

Aligning with the natural gifts of Mother Earth to make the most of this spring. We are having fabulous weather here in Melbourne, Australia at the moment – Spring is here! (I say that with my fingers crossed that we don’t dip back into a cold spell.) This beautiful weather has me thinking about what […]

Now is the time to ask yourself these 3 questions…

3 simple questions to set yourself up for success in the year ahead Question 1. If there was just one thing you could achieve this year, what would it be? We are capable of achieving amazing things, especially when we know exactly what it is we want to achieve.  The clearer we are on what […]

Leadership Tips from Gail Kelly

A couple of weeks ago I attended a Ruby Connection lunch where Gail Kelly, CEO of the Westpac Group, generously shared her unique and personal insights on leadership. Gail was a wonderful, engaging speaker with many fascinating stories of her journey and experiences from both her personal and professional life. I found Gail’s leadership points […]

5 Top Tips To Successful Part-Time Work

Last week I attended a fabulous event that I’d love to share with you. Women in Finance held a panel discussion titled “How flexible is flexible? The Perils, Pitfalls and Perks of Part-time Work”. The panel consisted of Liz Smith, a partner from Grant Thornton and part-time working mum herself; Rima Newman the partner in […]