ABC’s Progressive Gender Equality Rules Win Company Two First-Place Finishes

For years, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has performed well in Randstad’s annual “Australia’s Most Attractive Employer” survey, but it wasn’t until 2013 that the company cemented its first place position, beating out consistent frontrunner Virgin Australia and ever-present competitor BAE Systems. In the very same year the company went on to win the 2013 […]

Female Board Directors May Reduce Risky Business Deals

As the push for gender equality in the workplace continues, a number of research studies are backing up the demand by revealing that the placement of women in power play roles within a company works significantly to the benefit of an organisation. Not only does having women in the workplace mean a greater diversity of […]

Where is the Best Place in the World to be A Mother?

As a mother the very least we want for our children is to protect them. To keep them safe and warm, give them food to eat and clothes to wear. The very basics that we can so often take for granted. Yesterday I read stories and statistics from Save the Children’s State of the World’s […]

Funding The Female Entrepreneur: Challenges And Tips

Throughout history women have shown themselves to be natural entrepreneurs, and in modern times, the BRW Rich Women list illustrates that the entrepreneurial spirit of women continues. Female entrepreneurs are no different to their male counterparts, in that they have contributed, and continue to contribute, to the economy, society and the nations in which they […]

Using LinkedIn To Present A Powerful Personal Profile Online

Using social media / networking platforms for personal brand promotion can be both highly effective and cost-efficient. With more than 277 million members, LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking platform online. By following some straightforward tips while completing profile sections, professionals can present a LinkedIn profile that is compelling, supports networking goals, and promotes […]

Are you struggling to return to work after the long weekend?

5 Top Tips to get motivated at work this week. 1. Focus on getting your teeth stuck into one particular task. This may be a task that’s been on your to-do list for a while, or it may just recently have come across your desk. Take a few minutes to think about the end result, […]

Are You Ignoring Your Intuition?

Call it “intuition”. Call it a “hunch”. We all have them, and yet in a business-like setting, we feel somewhat urged by internal and external forces to ignore that nagging gut-feeling that we have and instead trust other “proven” information, such as statistical data and case studies. But should we really be ignoring our intuition? […]

How Australia Is Tipping The Scales In Male-Dominated Industries

Less than a year ago the Australian Government showed us that it was taking greater strides in encouraging equal female representation in the workplace, particularly in male-dominated industries such as construction, utilities and mining. The Australian Human Rights Commission released its publication, “Women in Male-Dominated Industries: A Toolkit of Strategies” online, in May of 2013, […]

Eleanor Roosevelt: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

With realities such as the glass ceiling and gender inequality continuing to plague women across the globe, many are left feeling as if their personal and professional success is but a distant dream. But as one incredibly successful woman, Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor, U.S. […]

NEWS – Despite Some Progress, Gender Discrimination Still a Problem in the Workplace

While women have made great strides in today’s society, sex discrimination still seems to plague the Australian business world. According to a Committee for Economic Development of Australia survey, more than 50 per cent of women have been discriminated against, on the basis of their gender, in their workplace. Even more discouraging, in 2012, only […]