Supporting Women: Sisterhood in the Workplace

With discrimination against women in the workplace still very real and prevalent, it is natural that women should stick up for other women and encourage them. But even having more women in charge of hiring and in positions of leadership, the reality is that a woman is often another woman’s worst critic. Whether fighting over […]

Seen and Heard Film Festival

Seen and Heard Film Festival – Celebrating Women in Film Seen and Heard is the first film festival of its kind here in Melbourne and is dedicated to celebrating the rich and diverse works from female filmmakers who are working in an industry that often under-represents their art. Although the majority of filmgoers in both […]

Emma Watson’s UN speech to men and women

I thoroughly enjoyed actress Emma Watson’s speech on gender equality which launched the United Nations’ HeForShe campaign to end gender inequality. What a bold move to ask a young role model to stand up and speak directly at all men, young and old. Watson was a great choice, since her younger fans can be encouraged to join […]

Why is Self-Promotion Such a Challenge for Women?

One of the biggest challenges I see women dealing with in business is the struggle of self promotion – to promote one’s own interests and profile to advance in rank or position. The mere thought of self promotion evokes images of arrogance, smarminess and insincerity. Women generally shy away from self-promotion for a number of […]

Women Innovators – How Need Is Driving App Development

As phones become ‘smarter’, there is an increasing market for specialised apps. With 1.2 million apps listed in Apple’s iTunes app store, and 1.3 million in Android’s Google Play store, the market is certainly very crowded. But here are some Australian women made their apps regardless – listed them, and won accolades along the way. […]

Career Advice from Trench Digging

At the weekend I was out in the garden digging a trench. Not a trench that you could “get all your mates over and play in” as my son excitedly asked, just a shallow long trench to lay timber sleepers and divide off an area of garden. While digging my trench I couldn’t help but […]

From Struggling to Striving – How a few small changes can make such a big difference.

As a coach for professional women a topic that crops up almost daily among my clients is work-life balance. Helping people to progress their careers, while maintaining balance with their personal life, is one of my strongest, most favoured topics. As a business owner and full time working mum it’s also something that I often […]

Top Women – Led Businesses: Succeeding in a Man’s World

Every year, Women Presidents’ Organisation releases a list of the fastest-growing companies led by women. The 7th annual WPO 50 Fastest was announced on April 24, 2014. Unlike in previous years, this year’s list was not limited to US companies – in fact, two businesses in the top ten are from outside USA. Women Presidents’ […]

Angela Merkel: Achievements, Power and Ukraine/Russia

When it comes to great women – in the modern era or throughout history – one name that increasingly comes to mind is the first female Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel. If the respected Forbes list of ‘the most powerful women in the world’ is anything to go by, then it’s certainly no wonder. Having […]

Chasing A Footy Dream: Peta Searle, AFL’s First Female Coach

Just six weeks ago, this single mother of two had given up on her coaching dream and walked away from an assistant coach job at the Victorian Football League. Now she is back, making history as the first woman to hold a full-time coaching job at the AFL. She is Peta Searle, a woman who […]