Bite Me

In this episode:

00:25 – Little T-shirts with little sharks
00:36 – What “Bite” stands for.
00:48 – What “Me” means.
01:05 – What mantras do you have?


Lisa Cutler: Hi, I’m Lisa Cutler from the Butterfly Program and today I want to tell you about “Bite Me”.

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When I first came to Australia, I loved those little T-shirts you’d get with the little sharks on that said “Bite Me”. And I have my own version of “Bite Me” which is kind of like my daily mantra.

So “Bite Me” stands for:

Believe in yourself.
Infinite patience.
Trust in the universe and
Enjoy every moment.

and “Me” because it’s up to me to do that. It’s up to me to believe in myself. It’s up to me to have infinite patience. It’s up to me to trust in the universe, and it’s up to me to enjoy every moment. So, Bite Me.

What mantras do you have? What daily mantras do you say to yourself? I’d love to hear them.

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