Bidda Jones – Scientist and Change Maker

Bidda Jones is a change maker. As Chief Scientist at the RSCPA, Bidda’s training in zoology and animal behaviour has been invaluable in adding insight and perspective to her work in promoting the Society’s objectives.

In this role Bidda champions the rights of animals, and her work covers the full gamut of animal welfare issues – from the mistreatment of animals for live export, to kangaroo management and puppy farming.

The work of the RSPCA is often challenging and confronting, but Bidda has said that she finds her background in science useful in detaching from the natural emotional responses she has when watching footage of, for instance, animal mistreatment.

It is her ability to remain objective when documenting what animals are experiencing that is perhaps her greatest strength, and is one that enables her to shine a spotlight on RSPCA initiatives.

Bidda can’t imagine working outside the Not For Profit sector in which she has worked extensively both here and in the UK, she is a change maker, making a difference for animals and the humans who love them.



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