7 Billion Rule Books

In this episode:

00:26 – Life is a game
00:38 – When we come in to this world
00:46 – Where we get our own set of rules
01:16 – We need to appreciate differences
01:28 – Understanding and respecting

Hi my name is Lisa Cutler from The Butterfly Program and welcome to this Monday Motivator session on 7 Billion Rule Books for the game of life.

Imagine that life is a game and all 7 billion of us on this planet are playing the same game. But we’re all playing with a different rule book.

Friends Drinking LemonadeWhen we come into this world, we’re not given a set of instructions – we make them up. We create our own rules and we get these rules from our parents, our culture, our religion, our values, our beliefs. We get these rules from every single experience that we have from day 1 of our lives – in fact from even earlier.

Some of our rules may be the same as other people’s, and some of them definitely won’t be. We don’t need to know where other people’s rules come from. We don’t necessarily have to agree with them and we don’t have to adopt them.

But we do need to appreciate that everybody is operating from a different set of instructions.

And by being open to this thought, by understanding and respecting this, it helps us to communicate better, to relate better – with everyone. It makes life easier for all of us.

So remember, we’re all operating by our own rule book. 7 billion rule books playing the game of life.

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